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EatWell Natural farm is a 13 acre farm in La Plata, MD owned and operated by EatWell DC. Most of our produce goes to the four EatWell DC restaurants in Washington DC: Grillfish, Logan Tavern, Commissary, The Pig, and The Bird. We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We try to work with nature to improve the soil using crop rotation, cover crops, compost and mulch. Organic matter from the restaurants is brought back to the farm and composted to complete the cycle.

We started the farm in 2011 with the goal of sourcing more local food for the restaurants. For the first two seasons our owners managed the farm on their own, growing food and bringing it in to town while running four restaurants and opening their newest, The Pig. In 2013 they decided to step up production and hire a full-time farmer. The 2013 season saw expanded fields and increased yields. The farm continued to grow through the winter when we built a greenhouse, for starting our own seedlings, and a High Tunnel, for extending the season.

As the farm continues to grow (and grow delicious food) our restaurants will feature more of our own produce and the menus will become more seasonal and fresh. We also hope to make EatWell Natural Farm a place where our guests can get back in touch with where their food comes from through events at the farm and chances to interact with the food beyond just on the plate.

Our Farm Manager is Alex Stoffel. Alex has a degree in Zoo and Aquarium Science and has worked at the Oregon Zoo, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Maggie’s Farm. She really enjoys the farm-to-table aspect of this job and is excited to be bringing even more fresh food into DC and to see what our chefs can do with it.

Where to find our fresh food

Our restaurants in DC: Grillfish, Logan Tavern, Commissary, The Pig, and The Bird


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